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This page demonstrates LumaChroma, my work-in-progress Premiere/After Effects video processing plugin
(for Windows).
(specifications & features are subject to change as the program matures).

LumaChroma-3D-:  Edit and layout stereoscopic 3D movies with real-time previews
(showing red.cyan anaglyph output)

Fast RGB Curves  (loads & saves Photoshop curves files)

3D LUTs can simulate output to film & more  (HDV video shown)

Grain can be uniform or exposure-shaped (note how there's less grain in the shadows)

Create custom noise & grain styles with the unique NoiseDesigner
Noise can be used as film grain, for dithering, or as a special effect

is a stylish, high-quality, entirely GPU-accelerated & highly optimised multi-effect plugin for Adobe Premiere & AfterEffects
(Windows), designed & coded by artist/programmer gl.tter.

The plugin is an entire effects pipeline, designed to correct, enhance, key, stylise & colour grade incoming video.  Suitable for all types & levels of video production, but designed from the start for producing uncompromised 'master render' output & real-time previews, LumaChroma also brings high-end features like 3D LUTs & 'Colour Fingerprinting' to Premiere & AfterEffects.

Effects include staple enhancements like chroma reconstruction, unsharp masking and lens distortion correction, many colour adjustments (including curves & 3D LUTs), high-quality keying with automatic chromakey spill removal and recolouring modes, HDR gradients and advanced noise & grain.

There's also a -3D- version of the plugin that extends the standard feature set with support for editing, alignment & adjustment of stereoscopic movies!


LumaChroma derives its name from its ability to process video's native luma (monochrome) and chroma (colour) information separately - for example it can sharpen & gamma adjust the luma channel whilst blurring and level-adjusting the chroma channels.  It can also accept YUV pixels natively (Premiere only), enabling recovery of highlights from the invidiual channels that would otherwise be lost in the conversion to 8bit RGB, and fully supports float pixel formats.

By leveraging the incredible image-processing performance of modern GPUs, LumaChroma can process in floating-point HDR (high dynamic range) throughout, and still drastically outperform even the fastest multi-core CPUs - HDV resolution (1440x1080) video can preview at full quality in real-time with all effects enabled on a mid-range GPU!

Standard version features:

- Chroma Reconstruction  (removes chroma blockieness & that 'digtal' look & improves keying quality)

- High-quality Keying (Luma/Chroma/Colour)
fully automatic chromakey spill removal!  
(restores original colours & removes all green/blue fringes & tints, see demos below)
     new: 2 simultaneous keys with unique settings.
'ReColour' mode (recolours keyed areas instead of making them transparent).

- Lens Distortion/Correction  (corrects or adds barrel distortion)

- Hue shift

- independent luma/chroma:  Inversion | Levels | Blurring | Sharpening
(with true Gaussian blurs and Unsharp Masking).

- Advanced Black & White conversion  (with Colour Filter option)

- RGB Levels & Curves  (Photoshop compatible)

- new: HDR Gradients / Graduated ND filters  (linear, reflected & radial with optional colour - recovers highlights blown out by colour processing).

- new: High-quality Noise & Grain (with variable saturation, advanced 'Noise Designer' for creating/matching noise & grain style, and exposure transfer curve).

- new: 3D LUTs  (for film print simulation/proofing, advanced colour correction/calibration & 'look' application - imports files from Quantel / Autodesk / Lustre / Smoke / Flame / LUThor / Resolve / DaVinci / Pandora / Scratch / Pogl).

- Edge Masking


- new: 'Colour Fingerprinting' - a simple way to capture the entire colour processing pipeline of any image or video processing application, and apply it to your clips with LumaChroma!

- new: Flare! (apply bloom/glow and/or synthesize custom lens flare effect shapes or use bitmaps, for all kinds of lens effects. keys off the internal HDR data or bright areas of the image).


- new: Preset Management - quickly save or recall your favourite settings through a custom user-interface  (preserves settings for the entire plugin, or for individual effects.  Preset files can be shared with other LumaChroma users).

~ 110 adjustable parameters!

The -
3D- version additionally supports stereoscopic footage (interleaved, over/under, side-by-side, checkerboard), with:

- Automatic view colour matching

- Synchronised Colour/Blur/Sharp offsets for the 2nd-eye view

- keyframeable Automatic & Manual View Alignment (offset, rotation, zoom, keystone, fov) with automatic cropping

- single-slider 'Floating Window' edges

- output to various stereoscopic formats  (interleaved, over/under, side-by-side, checkerboard, anaglyph ... )

- Anaglyph output supports:
    all possible standard & custom lens colours
    various colour modes 
(Dubois / full / half colour & monochrome)
    advanced optimisation  (with colour channel mixer mode).

~160 adjustable parameters!

More features
are in progress ...

Keying Demos:    

NTSC DV footage (720x480 4:1:1), chroma-reconstructed & keyed with LumaChroma v0.78 alpha.

greenscreen source frames)


[this movie requires Javascript]

Click to watch Keying live in Premiere CS3

Stereoscopic 3D Samples:

:  HDV
(1440x1080 4:2:0) from a Canon HV20 camcorder, shot with a Nuview 3D camera attachment

processed only with LumaChroma-3D- on Adobe Premiere Pro CS3

(Photoshop CS2 used to resize to 720p & convert to JPG)

#1: Flowers in Park

Raw footage from the HDV camera:

Over/Under format:

note the softness and right-eye colour difference.

As above but as full-colour Anaglyph (for Red/Cyan glasses):

note the vertical misalignments in the top parts of the image, and ghosting around the center tree/window

Processed with LumaChroma-3D-:

(lens distortion correction + luma/chroma levels + luma/chroma unsharp masking + automatic right-eye colour correction & tweaks + view alignment)

+ Full-colour Anaglyph output (with Advanced Optimisation) + Floating Window (Red/Cyan)

Processed B&W: (as above + partial B & W Conversion with colour filter)

#2: Boat on river

Processed, full-colour Anaglyph  (Red/Cyan, no optimisation)

note how the strong reds and blues are uncomfortable to view.

(this is because they're similar to the lens colours of the glasses and so are much stronger in one eye than the other, causing 'retinal rivalry')

As above + Basic Anaglyph Optimisation:

LumaChroma-3D- has a simple slider for reducing retinal rivalry - this automatically changes problematic colours
(at the expense of some colour accuracy)

for even finer control there's the 'Custom' mode (which lets you specify exactly how each view's colours are derived),
or you can use another anaglyph type (half colour or monochrome)

#3: Various Anaglyph outputs:

a selection of the different types of anaglyphs LumaChroma-3D- can create
(any type & lens colours combination is possible, including custom colours)

'Classic' old-school monochrome 
(Red/Blue, works with red/cyan & yellow/blue glasses too)

Full-colour 'ColorCode' 
(requires yellow/blue glasses to view)

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